Sunday, June 8, 2008

Reading submissions

I've finally got started reading the unprecedented number of submissions I've received this time. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I already got a late start because I have had an unprecedented number of health problems and have had to spend most of the last eight weeks resting rather than reading. Oddly, this has pared down my editorial process in a way that I didn't expect. Since I'm so short on time, I've found that while reading, if a poem does not grab me within the first three to five lines, it's probably not going to grab me later on in the poem.

So, for all those who are wondering how does an editor choose the poems? This is a biggie: the beginning of your poem is extremely important. If your title is boring, or you use a lot of cliches right off the bat, or the alliteration is excessive on line two, I'm not going to read any further. The imagery has to be original. None of this: "her eyes were as lovely as sapphires" or this: "his trousers were as brown as mud."

I want to see something new. Thrill me!



Julie Carter said...

Now I'm going to regard it as a challenge to write a good poem that begins "Her eyes were as lovely as sapphires/his trousers were as brown as mud."

Christine Klocek-Lim said...

Ha! Julie, if you can do that, I'll publish it.

Julie Carter said...

It might take me a few decades, but I'm gonna! :)