Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What not to do when you get a rejection

First, if you haven't followed the submission guidelines, don't expect your poems to be accepted. The guidelines are there for a reason. Specifically, the word "Submission" must appear in every email subject. Why? Because this way I can search my spam folder for submissions that have gone astray. If that word doesn't appear, it's likely that your submission will end up in Spam and then end up deleted. If you're lucky enough for it to actually make it to the inbox, I'm still going to send it back to you because you didn't follow the guidelines and there are far more professional poets out there that did. They get first dibs on my time.

If you've decided to ignore the guidelines entirely and send me a submission with not only the subject line missing, but also more poems than I ask for, you'll be lucky to get a response from me at all. Therefore, when I send poems back with a politely worded note to follow the guidelines, do NOT send back a bitter and egotistical response. You can simply not respond. If you do respond with a bitter and egotistical note, expect your future submission to be deleted without response. Seriously. It only takes a second to ignore a rejection. It takes at least 2-3 to send back a nasty email and my irritation about it will last forever. Expect me to ignore you in the future if our paths ever again cross.

By the way, there's about a zillion webzines out there, and a zillion poets. It's not really gonna hurt my journal to pass on your brilliant contribution. Go post on a blog somewhere.

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